-xXx- Xtreme Clan

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This is a hardcore NO CRAFTING - NO FARMING - NO BULLSHIT server.
This island seems to have very little or no radiation but it is very sunny and fog tends to be a nuisance.
I have seen what seem to be meteor showers from time to time and leave great piles of resources where they impact.
The best way to gather resources is by either smashing all these barrels along the roads, loot in boxes and crates and some are even in the caves around here.
You can take what you collect to the recyclers at the Lighthouse, Gas Stations, Warehouses or even the Harbor to get Scrap.
Currency on this server is Scrap which can be collected and sold by typing /shop into chat.
Max group / Clan size of 4 is strictly enforced. Collect and Recycle to Survive and Thrive.

Split'n wigs since 1999